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At the Healing Our Broken Village Conference in 2016, David Bradley CEO SWLSTG Mental Health Trust made a number of pledges that the Trust would work on, alongside WCEN and the BME Mental Health Forum, and reported back at the 9th HOBV Conference on 26th October 2017. One of these pledges was to work more closely with young BME people and their mental health, the starting point of our Young People and Mental Health project.

What we have done

So far we have begun conversations across a wide variety of organisations that work with young people and mental health, including SWLSTG Mental Health Trust, CAMHS, the Council, Schools, youth clubs, Fostering agencies amongst others. A number of these groups have formed a steering group with the aim of holding a Young People and BME Mental Health Conference, bringing together stakeholders and young people to talk about the current state of mental health services for young BME people, and solutions going forward.

We have been meeting with young people from organisations around Wandsworth to get their opinions on mental health and what is available. So far we have met with:

  • 16 young people from Carneys
  • 30 young people form Elays Network
  • 16 young people from STORM Empowerment
  • 11 young people from Devas
  • 10 young people from Regenerate
  • young people form Battersea Mosque
  • 20 young people from Caius House
  • 8 young people from CARAS
  • young people from the FAST Charity
  • Still to meet young people from the Eritrean Muslim Community Association and more

We will work with these groups, SWLSTG Mental Health Trust, Wandsworth Borough Council and Wandsworth CCG, to create a Young Person and Mental Health Network and address what the mental health service for young people looks like, and what potential solutions look like.

What we will do next

We will continue to meet with the young people, youth groups, school’s and public agencies to plan the Young People and BME Mental Health Conference that we are looking to hold on the 22nd March 2018. If you would like more information or would like to get involved in this project then please contact Anita Richards at

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