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The Wider Determinants of Health tool aims to provide the public health system with intelligence regarding the wider determinants of health to help improve population health and reduce health inequalities. The tool contains seven domains: the natural and built environment, work and the labour market, vulnerability, income, crime, education and the set of Marmot indicators. The Marmot indicators were developed by UCL’s Institute of Health Equity, in collaboration with Public Health England, several of which have been updated for this release. In addition, there is a health outcomes domain enabling a cursory look at how the wider determinants relate to health outcomes.
The indicators that have been brought together for this tool so far already exist within other Fingertips profiles. They are a combination of wider determinants, health behaviours and health outcomes. Over the next year we will continue to develop the tool, developing new indicators dedicated to describing the wider determinants of health. The tool can be accessed at The following statistical commentary highlights findings from indicators which have been updated for this release.


To read the full report from Public Health England please click here

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