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We recognise the importance of investing in local people as the frontline feedback loop into the design and delivery of better and smarter public services. We also know that local people, embedded within their own social networks are often best placed to be the early identifiers, supporters and connectors of those most in need.

Led by the HOPE atrium this initiative seeks to indentify local networks of people and undertake public knowledge building, sharing stories and experiences around health and well being. From these shared spaces, local people self identify as local champions-active citizens who would like to contribute more to their communities and congregations.

Through a programme of skills training and certification, local people are upskilled and given the tools and support to act as advocates and sign posts for people in need or in crisis, and to undertake early intervention and prevention.

We currently are working with 7 social networks and supporting 12 through to skills based Community Champion training.


For full report please click the link: Report Evaluation NTA Study with ISBN

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