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WCEN and Wandsworth Coproduction

Coproduction and the need for a whole system approach to community care and prevention underpins all our work here at WCEN.

Please download our Whole System Approach to Community Care and Prevention booklet which outlines fully our view on coproduction and how all our work is based around this model. Please read below for our view and related documents and media.


This is a development and practice that has brought together members of our local faith, community and voluntary groups, alongside members of our statutory services, to find ways to have open and honest dialogues that can lead to better understanding and pooling of resources towards the imporvements of our public services

Diversity of community and ideas has been the centre point of our work, anchored around WCEN. The Network is a collaboration of independent charitable organisations, community acssociations and active citizens. We have discovered ways to come together that encourages us all to think about the factors that impact our own lives and those of our communities and agencies, and to find ways in which we can move towards a shared enterprise of collective betterment.

Whilst there have been many ideas and insights that have helped us think more clearly, two significant trends have influenced us most; the rise of Lifestyle Diseases and the emergence of Network Science as a way to see and understand the connective network of society.

In Wandsworth we have acknowledged this and the need for us to have different types of conversations to analyse what is going on, and in doing so bring together a much wider range of knowledge and competencies to help add public value. This has helped us understand the types of processes that are needed to start conversations that help restore confidence and trust, whilst also enabling parts of the current health system to work in better ways.


NHS Policy and Reports

The need for more community involvement and coproduction is highlighted in various agency, evaluation and NHS reports. Read some of these by clicking on the links below

NHS 5 Year Forward View

Coproduction research conference


Networked Coproduction: A Whole System Approach

The building blocks of whole system approach described in our Project Pages form a core offer to communities and statutory agencies to help coproduce the services which we all need and there are more to be offered! The starting points are always an acknowledgment that local people, within their own social networks, once supported and enabled to do so, are often best placed to provide early support and care to their friends, neighbours and communities.

The added value of this kind of enablement is a richer civic society, with talent and capabilities from across the whole system being used and deployed for the common good.

Coproduction Updates