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Our Journey

View our timeline below. You can scroll back and see what the last 16 years have looked like

2001 WCEN registers as a Charity

Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network (WCEN) registers as a Charity

May 2001 General Election

General Election: New Labour Government re-elected

2001 WCEN administers Neighbourhood Renewal Community Chest Grants

2001 WCEN forms Area and Interest based Networks and Forums

May 2005 General Election

New Labour re-elected

2005 Government introduces Safer Stronger Community Fund

2005 Local Area Agreements Begin

2006 End of Neighbourhood Renewal Funding for Wandsworth

2006 WCEN publishes 'Unfinished Business' Report

June 2006 WCEN exits Wandsworth LSP

August 2006 WCEN awarded grant from Lloyds TSB Foundation

2006 WCEN awarded grant from DCLG

2006 NHS Delivering Race Equality Programme begins

2007 WCEN develops Anti Gun and Knife Crime collaboration

2007 Incubator hubs for small community groups opens at WCEN office

2007 WCEN receives grant from NHS Race for Health Programme

2008 Ethics in Healthcare seminar held at St. George's Hospital

2008 Start of the NHS World Class Commissioning Programme

2008 WPCT led commissioning seminars with Faith Leaders

2008 WCEN awarded grant from The Wates Foundation

2008 BME Mental Health Forum begins

2008 WCEN commissioned to make films for Happy Soul Festival

2008 SWLSTG Chair meets with community and faith leaders

2008 Faith Communities and Mental Health: Closing the Gap 1 Conference

2008 The Big Society Idea launched

2009 SWLSTG Chair meets with community and faith leaders

May 2009 Evil Eye vs. Discerning Eye


August 2009 WCEN wins Happy Soul Film awards for 2nd year

2009 IAPT Launched in Wandsworth

2009 IAPT Provider Site Report published

Sept 2009 Healing Our Broken Village 1st Conference

2010 WPCT Chair meets with community

2010 Local Area Agreements end

May 2010 General Election: Coalition government with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats

2010 Closing the Gap 2nd Conference

2010 Aruthal: Tamil community and Mental Health conference

2011 IAPT conference at the King's Fund

Nov 2011 WCEN's 10th AGM

2011 Wandsworth Cabinet Member for Adult Care and Health meets the community

2011 Government White Paper Launched

2011 Closing the Gap 3rd Conference

2011 Healing Our Broken Village 3

2011 End of Wandsworth Primary Care Trust

2012 End of Wandsworth Local Strategic Partnership

2012 1st Meeting of Wandsworth Coproduction Reference Group

2012 Wandsworth Health and Wellbeing Partnership begins

2012 Coproduction in Wandsworth Conference held at Balham Baptist Church

2012 HOBV: Black communities and mental health conference 4

2012 Family Therapy Training for Black Faith Leaders

2012 Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities programme begins

2013 Independent Evaluation of IAPT Coporduction by Kingston University is published

2013 2nd Meeting of Wandsworth Coproduction Reference Group

2013 Community Champions programme begins

2013 Awarded grant from the Lankelly chase Foundation

2013 Wandsworth CCG begins

2013 Dementia Coproduction report by Stirling University is published

2013 SWLSTG Coproduction Lead wins awards

2013 Start of Self Management of Long Term Conditions Coproduction

2014 3rd Meeting of the Wandsworth Coproduction Reference Group

2014 Independent Evaluation of CVD Coproduction

2014 WCEN Awarded grant from the City Bridge Trust

2014 Muslim Network for Family Care begins

2014 4th Meeting of Wandsworth Coproduction Reference Group

2014 Black Faith Leaders Family Therapy Year 2

2014 Independent Family Therapy Evaluation from the Open University published

2014 Independent Community Champions Evaluation published

Independent evaluation of the Community Champions programme from St. Georges University published

2014 HOBV: Black Communities and Mental Health Conference 6

2014 Muslim Leaders begin Year 1 Family Therapy Training

2015 General Election: Conservative Government Elected

2015 Wandsworth Coproduction conference at Springfield Hospital

2015 Community Centred Approaches workshop at St. Barnabas Church

2015 Black Faith Leaders accredited as Family Practitioners

2015 Independent evaluation of Wandsworth Coporduction by Lankelly Chase Foundation

2015 HOBV: Black Communities and Mental Health Conference 7

2015 Wandsworth Coproduction workshop at Imperial College

2015 Coproduction of Self Management of Long Term Conditions begins

2015 5th Meeting of Wandsworth Coproduction Reference Group

2016 Development of IAPT Community Sites

2016 6th Meeting of Wandsworth Coproduction Reference Group

2016 Awarded Big Lottery Funds to develop Advice & Advocacy Network with CAB

2016 Development of Community led Coproduction Standards and Kite Mark

2016 Independent Evaluation of Wandsworth Coproduction is published

2016 Muslim Leaders start second year Family Therapy Training

2016 HOBV 8

We held our 8th BME Mental Health Conference on Thursday 27th October at New Testament Assembly Tooting. We would like to thank everyone for coming along and contributing.

2017 7th Meeting of Wandsworth Coproduction Reference Group

Jan-Jun 2017 Faith, Community and Mental Health Lecture Series

2017 Talk Wandsworth IAPT Coproduction Project begins

2017 NHS Health Check Project with BHCIC

2017 Help Through Hardship Crisis Conference

2017 Advice First Aid Training Cohort 1

2017 Young People and BME Mental Health Consultations with Young People begins

2017 HOBV: 9th Healing Our Broken Village BME Mental Health Conference

2017 Advice First Aid Training Cohort 2

2017 Churches Network begins 1st year of Systemic Family Therapy training