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Yes, it’s cold right! rachida-pic-1

It seems it is never warm enough these days…

Well, as my colleague reminded me by saying “well, we are in the heart of winter,”  it still won’t stop me complaining of cold even when I am indoors and the heating has been on all day!

Yet, wherever I go, I see people sitting and shivering in the cold or sleeping outside in the streets; outside churches, by shops, banks and stations. Homeless for days, months or years.

I am not cold anymore, no, I am saddened and filled with a great feeling of guilt that I cannot offer my sofa or do something more to help them. A friend would say “are you crazy!?”  No, it is truly upsetting that we are becoming normalised and acustomed to seeing misery and poverty all around us.

There are some great projects out there doing great samaritan work from faith communities, charities & community groups who offer food, drink, support and sometimes shelter. But often there not enough beds or resources to address the growing problem.

However, the majority of us are constantly walking by them, busy or consumed by our own issues, while just a greeting, a spare coat or a hot drink could go a long way.


Let’s just make a little difference!


I have listed below some helpful links below:
To refer rough sleepers -Streetlink charity online or by contacting them on:

0300 500 0914


Every Mondays (10-4pm) at the  HolyTrinity support café they offer hot drinks, food and support and advice.


Also in west London, you can contact Glassdoor, community of churches that offer shelter food and support. Contact:  0207 351 4948 website:


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