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After many years being around WCEN on the outside, I have finally joined the organisation on a part time basis to contribute whole-heatedly as a community development officer. This is a big personal step in my development, not only as a community member but also as a trainee family therapist. Having volunteered at Elays Network for most of my teenage life, I believe this has created a healthy, collaborative relationship with everyone here at WCEN.

I am a huge believer in fitness and well being and am a combat athlete who competes around the country in Brazilian Jiu jitsu (aka grappling). This has really helped me understand what a tremendous gift the human body is to me. Understanding that by being physically active and healthy on the outside resonates on the inside, systematically improving mind, body and soul.

Having witnessed the dire need for family therapy in my own community, I have devoted myself to complete the training necessary to become a qualified systemic practitioner. Upon personal reflections, the direction I have taken in life thus far would simply not be possible without the support and love from my local community.


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