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Tens of thousands of vulnerable people could be missing out on a council tax discount that could save them thousands of pounds, research suggests.

Those diagnosed as “severely mentally impaired” don’t have to pay the tax and two-person households, where one is a sufferer, qualify for a 25% discount.

But councils are accused of being slow to offer any information on the scheme.

Government ministers said all local councils should make sure those entitled receive the money. carried out the investigation to find out how many people were claiming the council tax discount across the country.

By chance

Cathrine Nicholas helps look after her mother Vivien, 69, who has Alzheimer’s.

Vivien can’t read, write, dress herself, process dates or numbers or tell left from right. She can speak, but she struggles with her memory.

Cathrine found out about the SMI discount by chance, from a worker who fitted a care alarm in her mum’s house.

But even when she knew about the discount, she found it very difficult to find on the council’s website.

Eventually she managed to claim a 100% discount for her mother, and four years back payment, amounting to £6,000.


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