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Maps and Comics from over the years

REAL Comic 2008 - Stories from where we live Issue 1
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A WCEN model of co-production 2011-2012
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Public Agencies bring “technical inputs” , alongside Social Networks and Community groups who bring “cultural inputs”. Through a process of shared learning and knowledge transfers, including nominating representatives onto Partnership Boards to drive policy innovation, services are designed and delivered in community organisations – “Provider Sites”.

Communities would find it much easier to access services closer to home, at places that are more convenient to them and their cultural-social needs. It will also enable the redesign of new pathways into mainstream and acute services. Through shared learning and knowledge transfer, Provider Sites develop the potential to become Social Enterprises in their own right.

Merton Coproduction Cluster Map


Poster on “Addressing over representation of black and minority ethnic communities in mental health services

presented at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Annual Conference, Glasgow, October 2015.

malik imperial

Advice Map


Integrated Coproduction Framework

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Wandsworth Coproduction Cluster Map 2014-2016

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Co Production: BME Carers Assessment Map

Developing local community organisations to become local sites for support and services to “hard to reach” communities, we start to enable a network of frontline groups to identify carers who are currently not accessing services. This activation would enable a new pathway to be created within mainstream services through knowledge and skills transfer, and this in turn to enable the “whole system” to innovate and improve.

bme carers