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Long term Conditions


What is the Challenge?

  • There are 15.4 million people (almost 1 in 3 of us) living with a long-term condition (LTC) in England e.g. diabetes, stroke, hypertension, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, HIV and mental heatlth. At present LTC’s cannot be cured, but can be controlled by medication and other therapies.
  • People with LTC’s are the most frequent users of healthcare services. They account for 29% of the population, but use 50% of all GP appointments and 70% of all in-patients bed days

What have we done?

  • We have identified a number of local community groups where a significant number of their constituents are living with a LTC.
  • We have begun conversations with the local CCG on how these networks can be identified and then encouraged and enabled to become coproduction partners
  • Working with CCG to deliver ‘Looking After Me (LAM)’ and ‘Expert Patients Programme (EPP)” Projects

What we would like to do next?

  • Embed self-management programmes within community sites with leaders from one peer network enabled and supported to develop programmes in a parallel network.
  • Enable local people to become accredited as Self Management Trainers, so that skills and training becomes embedded within communities


Expert Patient Programme (EPP)

This is a course which aims to help you improve your health and well being by learning and developing new skills to manage your life and condition on a daily basis. It also helps you share experiences with others who are in similar situations

Project Updates

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