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People in Wandsworth, Croydon, Kingston, Merton, Richmond and Sutton are being asked for their input as the local NHS continues to plan for the future of healthcare in south west London.

All parts of the local NHS – hospital doctors, GPs, nurses, therapists, hospitals, mental health trusts, pharmacists and commissioners – have worked together with local councils, including Wandsworth,  and members of the public on a draft Five Year Forward Plan to improve local health services and make them sustainable for the long term.

During 2017, the NHS wants to engage with local people on these proposals in a new and wide-ranging ‘conversation’, which is being called ‘Talking Healthcare’.

Local people can have their say in a variety of ways – at local meetings, via social media or by responding directly in writing to the ideas being put forward. The NHS will also be carrying out an online survey to gather people’s views on what matters to them about their NHS.

The key ideas set out in the Five Year Forward Plan – and set to be discussed at local Health and Care Forums in each borough over the next two months – are set out in a summary of the plan which is available here. The full plan is also available online.

Jim Maddan, the council’s health spokesman and chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board said:

“Everyone involved in local NHS and social care agrees that we need to work together to develop a more integrated and efficient system. As our population continues to rise and live longer it is more important than ever that we review our collective approach which has not been done for many years. We believe it is in everyone’s interest – the council, the NHS, and members of the public that use these services – to work thoughtfully and constructively together to find the best way forward.

“This is an important local plan but is not set in stone and the views of local people will count. We would urge our residents to read the proposals carefully and give their feedback. Meanwhile we can assure the people of Wandsworth that we will do all we can to ensure the borough gets the high quality health services it needs.”

How to get involved in ‘Talking Healthcare’

  • Follow @SWLNHS on Twitter, using the hashtag #talkinghealthcare
  • Invite NHS spokespeople to your meetings to talk about the Five Year Forward Plan
  • Write to South West London NHS, 5th floor, 120 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1RH

Initial responses are invited by the end of February 2017.

The NHS will arrange a ‘Health and Care Forum’ event in Wandsworth in the next two months, where local people can come to discuss the proposals with all concerned.

To find out more email or phone 020 8251 0591/020 8544 6180.

For more inforamtion please click here to go to the Wandsworth Borough Council Website

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