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On 19th July we held our first Family Therapy Summer Party at the Prudence Skynner Clinic at SWLSTG Mental Health Trust. This was a great opportunity for our Pastors, Muslim Leaders and Churches Networks to get together and share their experiences.

We heard from Malik Gul, Director WCEN on the Family Therapy Project to date and the next steps, and from members of each of the networks on what form the training has taken and what they are looking to do next. We also heard from Mark Robertson, Mental Health Commissioner at Wandsworth CCG, and Annie Turner, Director of the Family Therapy Clinic.

Both the Pastors and the Muslim Networks have completed 2 years of Family Therapy training and the Churches network begin their first year training in November, and so it was an opportunity for the Churches network to hear experiences and words of encouragement from those who have gone through the process

We plan to continue meeting up as a whole network to talk through the progression of the work, to aid those who are going through the training and keep the open dialogue going

To see more about our Family Therapy work please click here 

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