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Following our Faith, Community & Mental Health Lecture Series we are pleased to announce that the videos are now live.


The Lecture Series was a great opportunity for members of our community and public agencies to come together to hear from one of our guest speakers and explore the theme of mental health in the contexts of faith and community.


To see the Project webpage with more information, the lecture notes/slides and gallery please visit or to see individual videos:


  • Emeritus Professor Suman Fernando on Transcultural Psychiatry & Psychology please click here


  • Dr. Rasjid Skinner on An Islamic Approach to Psychology and Mental Health please click here


  • Dr. Dawn Edge on An Assets-Based Approach to Coproduction with African-Caribbean People please click here


  • Dr. Frank Keating on Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health please click here


  • Rev. Dr. Andrew Davey on Choosing Life: Health and Well Being from a Christian Perspective please click here


We would like to thank everybody who contributed to the lecture series, to the above speakers, to Naseem and Mushkil Aasaan for the use of their venue and to Dawat Retaurant, Frank from New Testament Assembly and Argon Restaurant for providing the food. Also a huge thank you to everyone who came along, engaged with, and contributed through shared conversations.


We would also like to thank the Near Neighbours Programme from the Church Urban Fund for sponsoring and enabling this lecture series to happen. To find out more about the Near Neighbours Programme and the grants available please click here.


We are looking to host another lecture series in the near future and if anyone has any suggestions or would like to get involved then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated,


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