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Elays Network

Elays Network is a not for profit organisation run by young people for young people. Elays aims to inspire the youth through skill enhancing projects and encourages the young to become role models, volunteers and pelroductive members of society. Elays builds a platform for young adults who are starving for recognition and an opportunity to express themselves. We also supfsdport those vulnerable young people who aren’t aware of their talents and not as eager to contribute to society. We provide interaction with the professional world; liaise with government, community groups and other organisations to ensure that their voices are heard and to promote positive images of the youth in the media. Although Elays welcomes young people from every ethnic background.

Elays is involved in Theatre Production, Films, Photography, Magazine, Football & Sports, Professional Networking Events, After-school classes.

Elays works with many organisations, including:
WCEN, Wandsworth CCG, SWLSTG Mental Health Trust, Metropolitan PoUntitledlice, American Embassy, Home Office, ATM, Nomad Radio, Star Media Corporation, London Somali Youth Forum and Council of Somali Organisations.

Some Thoughts and concerns from Elays

Some of the main concerns and targets for Elays Network are tackling gang violence, young people getting involved in criminal activity, poverty, immigration issues, giving young people a voicUntitledfdsfde, racism/discrimination, sexism, improving academic ability and creating a healthy environment for families and individuals to prosper. Throughout the years Elays Network has become a ‘go to’ place for minority groups and predominately Somali groups. Through networking with other communities and WCEN, Elays has managefdsfsdd to not only become a place to receive help and support but to also become a creative hub for ideas through drama, film and sport.

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