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EDS stands for Equality Diversity System, and the No 2 means the new improved version of this work.  Here is a short summary and film on this work from NHS England

Providers of services must ensure that the services they deliver meet Equality Standards, and these workshops are designed to ensure that the internal commissioning of these services, meet external expectations and outcomes. This workshop on the 11th December will be specifically on the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) and T.B. (Tuberculosis) services.

This workshop will therefore gave us a collective opportunity to:

  • assess Wandsworth CCG’s performance on providing fair and effective care for all
  • award the CCG a grade on its equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • help the CCG decide the priority areas for improving equality and access

And then for us all to agree our next steps, together. Whilst the primary purpose of this workshop is to undertake an EDS2 grading of IAPT and TB, we are hoping to learn from this process, so that we can all continue to share and work together, build and improve, towards ensuring that equalities becomes core business right across our public services.  #YesWeCan

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